Pipelines for America

Pipelines for America is a project of the Consumer Energy Alliance.

Our mission is to engage and inform you, the public, about the vital importance of our nation’s energy infrastructure and its daily role in our lives.  Our pipeline infrastructure provides all Americans with energy security and serves as the safest and most environmentally preferred way to move energy products to consumers across the nation.

In order to accomplish this mission, CEA will work with and engage all energy consumers, in a constructive, fact-driven dialogue to ensure families, small businesses, manufacturers, and labor understand the importance of pipeline development to America’s energy future.

About Consumer Energy Alliance

Consumer Energy Alliance is the Voice of the Energy Consumer. We provide the American public and policymakers with sound, unbiased information on U.S. and global energy issues.

With more than 400,000 individual members, CEA represents Americans who are concerned about energy prices, having to manage ever-tighter personal budgets.  Our members recognize the impact energy prices have on their families’ financial security, job creation in our country, and domestic energy security.

More than 400,000 individual members, CEA also represents nearly 300 businesses, trade associations, and labor groups – all of which are impacted by energy prices.

CEA’s members participate in every sector of the U.S. economy, with energy consumers – steel manufacturers, farmers, truckers, and chemical manufacturers – making up sixty-five percent of CEA membership.