Energy an Important Issue to Voters in Northeastern United States, Consumer Energy Alliance Study Finds

Source: Daily Energy Insider

Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA) recently released the results of a new survey of voters in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and New York on the importance of reliable, affordable energy as well as energy production and delivery methods.

Ninety-seven percent of survey participants agreed that affordable, reliable energy is important for Northeastern families and businesses. Ninety-two percent said that maintaining and delivering adequate supplies of affordable fuels is necessary for consumers and businesses, while 88 percent said that sufficient supplies of natural gas is important in keeping electricity and home heating affordable and reliable.

Seventy-four percent agreed that “a balanced mix of renewables, natural gas, and nuclear is important to keep electricity affordable and reliable,” and 76 percent approve of “generating electricity using natural gas and fuels.”

Fifty-eight percent of respondents support “expanding pipelines to deliver transportation fuels for consumers and markets,” although just six percent said a lack pipeline infrastructure is a key driver in the region’s high electric rates. Seventy percent of respondents agreed electricity prices are higher in the Northeast than in the rest of the United States.

The poll also found that energy will be important in how 86 percent of those surveyed vote in next year’s election cycle.

“Voters made it loud and clear that if you are a candidate for office, think long and hard before endorsing policies that don’t support the safe, responsible development of energy infrastructure and rational, all-of-the-above policies,” CEA President David Holt said.